DIN 2.0882 Material

Exporter of DIN 17664, ASTM B 151/122/171 C70600, 2.0882 cuni, Check CuNi30Mn1Fe, CW 354H Price list in India

What is DIN 17664 W No 2.0882

Gasco Inc. stocks and sell DIN 2.0882 AMS 2750D-Round Bar, as a india's biggest & oldest stockist of Copper nickel alloy we provice CuNi material as per DIN 17664 standards, we have wide thickness in DIN 2.0882 AMS 2750D - Wire, buy 2.0882 cuni products at best price in India, we are supplier, stockist & exporter of Wrought copper alloys in India, at Gasco check price list of 
Din 2.0882 Ams 2750d Sheet, DIN 2.0882 & DIN 17664 are standards of Wrought copper alloys/ copper-nickel alloys, 

equivalent grades of DIN EN 2.0872 material also known as C70600. we have wide range of Alloy C70600 fasteners, you can find alloy c70600 bolts at best price in India at Gasco, mail to admin@gascoinc.co.in for Alloy C70600 screws price list,

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Copper Nickel Pipe, Tube, Sheet, Plates for light-duty condensers, sugar-making and desalination plants, including power stations, feed water heaters and evaporators. The addition of nickel to copper improves strength and corrosion resistance but good ductility is retained. DIN 17664, DIN 2.0882, copper nickel alloys, composition, DIN 17664-1, Copper-nickel wrought alloys. CuNi30Mn1Fe, 2.0882 Price in India.

DIN 17664, 2.0882 Chemical Composition

Element Cu Ni Mn Fe Impurities
% Bal 30-32 0.5-1.5 0.6-1.0 0.3 Max

DIN 2.0882 Mechanical Properties

Form Cross sectional area
Metric mm
Yield 0.2% MPa UTS 
Elong % Izod (Joules)
Rod >180-500 120-140 330-360 34-40 54-90
Rod >500-1230 115-135 320-350 32-38 54-85
Rod >1230 110-130 310-250 30-36 54-85
Forgings All sizes 110-140 310-360 30-40 54-100

W Nr 2.0882 Physical Properties

(Courtesy Def Stan 02-879)
Metric Imperial
Density 8950 kg/m³ 0.325lb/in³
Specific Gravity 8.95
Specific Heat 377J/kg K 0.09Btu/lb°F
Electrical Conductivity 2.7m/Ω-mm²@20 ºC 5% IACS
Thermal Conductivity 29.3 W/mK 17Btuft/ft²hr°F
Thermal Linear Expansion 16 µstain/K Range (20-200 ºC) 9x 10-6per°F Range (68-572°F)
Electrical Resistivity 0.34 Ωmm²/m 207Ω(circ mil/ft
Relative Magnetic Permeability 1.0006 µ
Machining Index 20% (Based on free machining brass 100%)
Modulus of Rigidity (50mm rod annealed) 57 GPa
Modulus of Elasticity (50mm rod annealed) (In Tension) 152 GPa
Shear Strength (50mm rod annealed) 205MPa
Poisson’s Ratio 0.33
Fatigue Limit in air (rotating)(25mm rod) 1x107 cycles +/- MPa 154
Melting Range 1170-1240 ºC 2140-2265°F
Hot Working 925-1025ºC (No forging below 850 ºC) 1695-1875°F
Cold Working good (Anneal 650-850 ºC) 1200-1560°F
Cryogenic Retains properties down to -269 ºC -516°F
Elevated Temperatures Retains properties to 350 ºC 662°F

Ranges of Manufacturing

» Available in square, rectangle, rod, bar, plate, hollow and all shaped forgings up to 4,500kgs (9900lbs).

» Gasco Inc. also offers finished machined components in all alloys, complete project management and tailored mechanical properties     beyond those of the specification to meet special customer requirements.

» Copper Alloys is also regularly making customised shaped forgings and can increase piece weight up to 20,000kg/44,000lbs.

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